The "Belstaff" brand enjoys a timeless history, the first store is opened in Via Stanfford where the brand is mentioned on the prèt-a-porter items. The company has become an official retailer of clothing and objects for motorcycle racing, dressing the best riders from the first post-war to the present day. In 1969 the "Phoenix" brand was originally launched as a symbol for the "Trialmaster". The symbol of the nascent phoenix, means continuity and ancestry on the myth of the Greek mythology of the phoenix emerging from the ashes. In 1981 the company presented an extension of the Trialmaster, the "Roadmaster", where an innovative review of the garment was proposed. It will soon become the undisputed symbol of the fashion house over the years, worn in Hollywood films by actors of the caliber of Will Smith and Naomi Watts. To date, the brand is a timeless style, continuing a time and revisiting racing clothes with an eye always attentive to emerging news in the field of fashion.
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