Made in sterling silver and gold, the collection has its typical color scheme of hand-cut gems, precious and semiprecious. Citrine and smoky quartz combine with brown diamonds while onyx and green amethyst matches the black ones; emeralds, rubies and sapphires completing the range. Mabè pearls are often used in the most adorned pieces, tumbled leather in the more minimal ones. The original hide, a brand trademark, comes from a slow and laborious finishing in spinning wooden barrels. The superficial sheen is the result of a heat and pressing technique of the full grain with no use of aniline or any chemical polish. All silver shadings are natural reactions according to ancient formulas avoiding any galvanic process. The therefore tinted surfaces are durable and non-toxic. The nature of materials and the handcrafted labor ensure that each object is unique and irreproducible, although part of a serial-based production, any possible differences in appearance and texture guarantees singular and original features.
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