Founded in Pennsylvania in 1830 by John Rich, who created the oldest still-functioning integral-cycle wool mill in the United States, Woolrich made history as the official supplier of clothing and blankets for the Union army during the American Civil War. W.P. At the same time, the brand specializes in workwear for railroad workers in the early twentieth century, becoming part of the mosaic of American history with its iconic black and red plaid, synonymous with a nation in constant evolution. Always linked to the outwear segment , Woolrich found itself having to face the demands of an increasingly active consumer, looking for technical equipment and resistant clothing. And it is to satisfy these needs that he starts to use high-tech fabrics like Gore-Tex, Thinsulate and Cordura to improve the performance of the wool: in this way the comfort, durability and resistance that had conquered woodcutters and hunters are maintained, adapting but to the wishes of a new generation of customers. The secret of the brand's longevity lies in a difficult harmony between tradition and progress, and in two pieces in particular that have kept it in the forefront of outwear.
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