The story begins in 1932 thanks to an intuition of Giuseppe Baracco: in a room four artisans make two pairs of shoes a day completely by hand. In 1950 the market extends throughout northern Italy. Gino, Giuseppe's nephew joins his uncle in running the company by making important decisions, some phases of processing are entrusted to the first home workers. Thus began the adventure that will lead these places to stand out as a footwear district. In 1960 permission was obtained to build a small workshop, Gino's entrepreneurial dream became reality. In two years the laboratory grows to 15 artisans employed. The horizons expanded when Gino joined with Giuseppe’s wife, of Deutsch origin, who starts the business in Austria and Germany. After 20 years the production grows and makes its way in all European cities. From father to son the witness is now passed on Gianluigi and Enrico who have inherited the motivation to pursue excellence every day. A choice that was rewarded by the start of numerous collaborations with the most important fashion houses around the world. Memory and innovation coexist in all products, as the absolute excellence, all Italian.
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