The Rivetti family has deep roots in the clothing sector. In the 19th century, Giuseppe Rivetti, son of Giovanni Battista, the first carding machine maker in Italian industry, changing his father's passion, secretly began selling cows from family farms to buy frames. In 1872 he founded his own mill "Giuseppe Rivetti e Figli" which then merged with the Turin group GFT (Textile Financial Group). In the early 50s, GFT literally took the measures to more than 25,000 Italians, which allowed him to dress almost the entire nation, for the first time, with non-tailored clothes. In the early 1980s they discovered the company C.P.Company, a cutting-edge and innovative company in that field. For half owner of the entrepreneur Trabaldo Togna and the other half of Massimo Osti, of graphic profession, who was also the creative director. In 1983, Massimo Osti created the Stone Island brand, a special fabric arrived in the company, a different colored canvas for each side, used to make truck tarpaulins, where he decided to make a collection of just seven jackets with this fabric. Massimo was at least ten years ahead of his environment, he liked to call himself a producer rather than a designer. His success confirmed not only that Stone Island was interesting and salable but also true to his belief in formal clothing. In the 90s, the production of the brand was entrusted to Paul Harvey, an Englishman who lived in Italy, in Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna. Paul has designed 24 collections, always consistent with that evolution and the research that has always distinguished it. In 2008 the company chose to put in command not just one head but a design team, which unites continuous experimentation and research, with a pinch of healthy madness, what makes Stone Island much more than a clothing brand.
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