FENDI - Women

Legend has it that in the morning when he left his house to go with her husband Edward in a small shop in Via Plebiscito, Rome, Fendi Adele will bring back all five daughters. While working in the nursing laboratory and between feeds and the other, put them to sleep in the drawers for the bags. They were the twenties and by the time the Fendi name did not mean anything yet. Edoardo and Adele were nothing more than a young married couple full of talent and ambition from their small boutique churn prestigious handbags for representatives of the bourgeoisie Capitoline. The couple leave the direction of the five daughters and in 1964 opened the first boutique in Rome; the following year Karl Lagerfeld began a special study materials that leads to the top of the fashion house Fendi research on colors and conce. Lagerfeld began the long and laborious process that will lead to the transformation of the concept of fur. In 1966 designed the company logo (Pumpkin-name vendor's fabric on which the logo was produced) which means fans in Fur and is one of the first logos in the world of Made in Italy.
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