In 1999 Franco Zanellato, strengthened by two decades of tradition from a family leather business, fulfils a dream when he creates a small company that produces precious leather accessories for men that are luxuriously beautiful, processed and made with scrupulous care: creations par excellence created by Zanellato artisans.Today Zanellato, with a decidedly unique and unmistakable identity, proposes sophisticated luxury creations that are contemporary and typically reflect the Italian taste; every collection is part of the story that defines the heritage of the maison. In a few years, Zanellato creations have become iconic pieces distributed in the most important boutiques The elegance, sophistication and authenticity of the products are the unmistakable expression of “Made in Italy” quality. The “rules” of production are those of the sartorial atelier, where tradition is treasured and is in perfect harmony with the continual search for new designs, generating refined, at times ironic pieces that exalt real Italian know-how. Under the guidance of Franco Zanellato, Zanellato is now a brand that is a reference point for luxury accessories, proposing a new “lifestyle” where an impeccable discreet luxury item becomes an indispensable accessory to wear, love, desire and above all treasure.
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