In 2015, the Georgian designer Deman Gvasalia arrived at Balenciaga and immediately began to rewrite the aesthetical standards of the fashion House. By mixing iconic silhouettes with genius modern garments, while always keeping an eye on the “real fashion” that he sees on the streets of Paris, Demna Gvasalia gave life to today’s fashion must-haves that every woman wants: the boot-pants, the “Bazar” striped shopping bag, the “Speedy” and “Triple S” sneakers, as well as the Ikea oversized bag. The same way Cristobal Balenciaga once freed the feminine figure from corsets that emphasized the waist and redesigned the shoulders of the coats creating the iconic cocoon coats, now, Demna Gvasalia dresses today’s woman; gritty, modern and hyper-connected, a woman that loves street style with noble silhouettes. Discover Balenciaga’s 2020 collection
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