Brunello Cucinelli was born in 1953 in Castel Rigone, a small village of the fifteenth century in the province of Perugia, by a peasant family. A geometric graduate, he enrolled in the faculty of engineering, but interrupted his studies. In 1978 he founded a small business and amazed the market with the idea of ​​coloring cashmere. Since he was a boy, a witness to the sufferings of his father's work and attentive observer of the world, he develops the dream of a job that respects "human moral and economic dignity". This aspect is crucial for understanding his personality and the success of his enterprise, which Brunello sees not only as a producer of wealth, but as a field of action to increase the dream of a capitalism that values man. The knowledge of the great men of the past feeds his dreams and ideals, but his gaze is always turned towards the future, and every action of his, every one of his works is designed to last for centuries.
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