Raf Simons was born in 1968 in Belgium, graduated in industrial design and real estate from his career in art galleries. In 1995 a professional meeting with Linda Poppa, head of the fashion department of the Royal Academy of Antwerp, announced his talent in the design of clothing and promoted the launch of his brand. Over the years they have collaborated with the most acclaimed Maison, such as Jil Sander, Dior and Calvin Klein. His collections are fueled by a love for rebel youth culture, presenting a radically different image of the masculinity of the nineties. Combining the energy and uniqueness of adolescent subcultures with the precision of classic sartorial craftsmanship, the look presented by the designer is inspired and designed for confident outsiders. Always at the center of his universe, there exist how clothes, states, moods and titles about individuality and independence exist. Equally important in the designer's approach is the constant search for innovation, even if over the years the key elements are the same: modern proportions, constant search for fabrics and beyond the interface of pure construction and new forms with the body and the psyche of contemporary man.
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