Since its creation in 1975, Santoni has pursued a vision, refining a cultural heritage linked to Italian craftsmanship and excellence. In the beginning with Andrea Santoni and the creation of his haut-de-gamme footwear laboratory. Now with his son Giuseppe, who has led the brand to become an icon on an international level. Over time, the most precious characteristics of pure Made in Italy have remained intact: quality, passion for detail, rigorously handmade. Elements that distinguish Santoni from its competitors, and make it a unique case within the narrow circle of the most famous and recognized luxury brands worldwide. Tradition and innovation. These are the two parallel planes on which Santoni has established its success, perfectly combining the production techniques of the past, such as the ability to make an entirely made-to-measure shoe, to the evolution in research and design. Particularities that attract a sophisticated and informed customer on the latest evolution of style, which for itself chooses only the best. A modern mentality applied to an ancient savoir-faire, defended by Santoni master shoemakers, some of which have been in the company since 1975 and which have seen the transformation of an artisan reality into a reference brand. Without ever losing sight of the genuineness and passion for beautiful and extreme quality things. Luxury and selection are the principles that have led to partnerships with brands that share Santoni's philosophy of excellence.
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